LLY Reman Turbo
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This is a remanufactured 6.6L Duramax Turbocharger for GM Duramax LLY engine applications.  This hydraulically actuated turbocharger undergoes a complete remanufacturing process developed by experienced engineers.. Each turbo is carefully disassembled and thoroughly cleaned using different cleaning methods.  Once the parts are cleaned, they are visually inspected and measured by qualified technicians. The rotating components are balanced individually and then again as an assembly.  The cartridges are assembled using all new critical components. The assembled cartridge is then high speed tested in a Vibration Sorting Rig (VSR) which spins the turbo in excess of 90,000 RPM while it measures any amount of unbalance throughout the RPM range. The hydraulic actuators are remanufactured by qualified technicians and tested prior to the final assembly process.

All remanufacturing takes place in the USA.

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LLY Reman Turbo

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